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  • NHibernate Unit Testing

    When using NHibernate we generally want to test only three things, that properties are persisted, that cascade works as expected and that queries return the correct result. In order to do all of those, we generally have to talk to a real database, trying...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Ayende on 04-28-2009
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  • Using the new Linq to NH Provider and migrating from the old one

    Using the new Linq provider is pretty simple. It all hangs of a Query() extension method on ISession, so you can do things like the following: from c in session.Query<Customer>() select c In my tests, I've tended to wrap the session.Query()...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Steve Strong on 12-16-2009
  • NHibernate Workbench

    In the spirit of “ Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers ” ( cit. ), even if not so early in term of time since the preview , I decided to release a first drop of the “HQL Intellisense thing” I’m working...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by felicepollano on 05-19-2010
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  • hbm2net

    I did an attempt of resuming the project hbm2net, creating a Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) renderer, hosting the T4 engine. T4 templates allow to easily mix templates with additional code.The current version is not production code, but a proof...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by felicepollano on 10-19-2009
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  • NHibernate Code Base Analysis

    Patrick Smacchia writing. I am not a NH developer but the creator of a static analysis tool for .NET developer: NDepend . I recently analyzed NH v3.0.0 Candidate Release 1 with NDepend and I had a chance to discuss some results with NH developer Fabio...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Patrick Smacchia on 11-26-2010
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  • NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook

    This week Packt published the NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook . Packt are offering all members of the NHibernate community 20% off the book. The book helps users to get solutions to common NHibernate problems to develop high-quality performance-critical data...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Fabio Maulo on 10-05-2010
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  • Hibernate Query Language in Visual Studio

    I started to work in an HQL addin for Visual Studio two weeks ago. As described in the project site : This Visual Studio addin will provide the following features for the HQL file extension: -syntax highlighting (done), -syntax checking (done) -intellisense...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Jose Romaniello on 07-28-2010
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  • Generate better NHibernate logs

    I will show you in this post two tricks you can do to enhance and add value to your nhibernate logs. Format Sql This is widely know trick, you can add a configuration setting to your hibernate.cfg.xml, app.config or web.config as follow: <property...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Jose Romaniello on 05-05-2011
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