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LINQ to NHibernate Update

We're long overdue for another update. Progress as been somewhat slower over the last few weeks, largely due to other commitments and holidays meaning that I've probably only spent a total of around 10 days working on this stuff.

Where we are is that I'm pretty comfortable with what needs to happen, and have a fairly clear route for moving forward from my prototype / exploratory coding phase to something that I can actually release to the wild and let folk start playing with.

There are two options as to how this might happen. The first is by utilizing the concepts within the excellent IQToolkit, which provides a great sample for anyone who wants to explore how to build a Linq to Sql provider. Alas, the code can't be used as it stands, since it's quite closely tied to building and executing SQL and then processing the resulting data rows, which isn't quite what we're trying to achieve here. However, the fundamental concepts and algorithms for handling some of the Linq complexities are certainly valid, and can be ported across to meet our needs relatively simply.

The second option is by building on top of the promising re-linq project, which performs a similar task to the first half of the IQ Toolkit, in that it takes a Linq expression tree and turns it into something a little more manageable. re-linq doesn't attempt to handle the execution side, so it precisely avoids some of the stuff that I'd need to rip out of the IQ Toolkit.

re-linq is currently undergoing some final refactoring (some of it driven by the potential to use it within this project,so many thanks to them for keeping us in mind!). This is due to be completed in the next 3 or so weeks; once they are done, a final decision as to the exact approach can be taken and I'd expect pretty fast progress from that point.

Obviously, my original guesstimate of a June date is looking seriously in doubt, but I don't think it'll be too much longer. Hang in there folks, I know it's been a long wait but it'll be worth it!

Posted jun 11 2009, 02:50 p.m. by Steve Strong
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cbolyard wrote re: LINQ to NHibernate Update
on 06-12-2009 12:12

No pressure!  I'm just glad you are working on it.  It will make the work lives of many people so much nicer.  It may not be enough, but thanks for all your hard work!

bai wrote re: LINQ to NHibernate Update
on 06-13-2009 3:46

Thanks for the update, looking forward to it. Keep up the excellent work!

Darren Kopp wrote re: LINQ to NHibernate Update
on 06-23-2009 12:42

please please please can i make one request? please support something like this (that you can't do w/ current linq implementation but can w/ linq 2 sql):

from user in session.Linq<User>

from order in session.Linq<Order>

from cart in session.Linq<ShoppingCart>

where cart.User.Id == user.Id && order.CartId == cart.Id

bad example, but the ability to use multiple contexts would be soooo helpful.

Nick Kellett wrote re: LINQ to NHibernate Update
on 06-30-2009 13:56

Thanks for the great work Steve! This is very exciting.

ldiego08 wrote re: LINQ to NHibernate Update
on 12-21-2010 0:35

Hey there! I would like to say thanks for developing things like LinqToNHibernate. You guys ROCK!

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