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  • T4 hbm2net alpha 2

    You can download from here a new version of the hbm2net T4 enabled. This version has a better command line parsing/error handling, and the configuration file to provide ( optionally ) is validate in order to report some meaningful error messages when...
  • hbm2net: first alpha ready

    I've just published a first drop of an hbm2net modified version to enable T4. You can find it here or here . Hbm2net is useful in generating the classes dto views or whatever you want starting from the hbm files. The presented version supports code...
  • hbm2net

    I did an attempt of resuming the project hbm2net, creating a Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) renderer, hosting the T4 engine. T4 templates allow to easily mix templates with additional code.The current version is not production code, but a proof...
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