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  • Mapping tables

    I'm new to NHibernate, So I'm not sure if I this is even the place to ask questions. But here goes. This is my problem: I am building a website using Orchard CMS. All the Orchard tables are mapped by NHibernate. I also have tables in the same database that are NOT mapped by NHibernate. These...
    Posted to How to by oceantrain on 11-23-2011
    Filed under: entity name, FluentNH, Mapping, query, Session
  • Creating a custom id generator for nHibernate

    I originally blogged about this here and here on my blog but Fabio suggested I add these posts to the Forge, so here I am. I have to say I am a little exited to make my first contribution to the Wiki [H]. I will try to add a bit more to them and show some examples that do not use the TableGenerator class...
    Posted to How to by Steve Bohlen on 11-20-2011
    Filed under: FluentNH, IIdentifierGenerator, IPersistentIdentifierGenerator, Mapping, Nhibernate, TableGenerator
  • NH Mapping by code VS the Untouchable DB

    Note: this is a cross post from my own blog . This post is an exercise, similar to this and this previous posts about using NHibernate mapping by code new features present form version 3.2. The source inspiring it is an old post form Ayende , showing a non trivial requirement to map. Here the DB model...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by felicepollano on 09-12-2011
    Filed under: mapping, mapping by code
  • Dynamically change user info in connection string

    In some cases our clients has to use the same database user id in each connection, so they can use audit and security features of their database system (and their DBAs will be happy [:)]). To do that in Nh We can use the ConnectionProvider facility. Just derive a class from the standard DriverConnectionProvider...
    Posted to How to by John Davidson on 09-07-2011
    Filed under: Mapping, QuickStart
  • Automatic Mapping: Pluralize table names

    Note: this is a cross post from my own blog . In this post we done some effort in automatically generate the mapping based on convention, but we miss a very common one: table names is usually the pluralized entity name. This is usually done by using an inflector. Thanks to Stack Overflow , I found this...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by felicepollano on 09-05-2011
    Filed under: mapping, mapping by code
  • Using NH3.2 mapping by code for Automatic Mapping

    Note: this is a cross post from my own blog . Since version 3.2.0 NHibernate has an embedded strategy for mapping by code, that basically comes from Fabio Maulo ’s ConfORM . With some reading at this Fabio post, this other one , and this one too , I wrote my own sample just to see what we can do...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by felicepollano on 09-05-2011
    Filed under: mapping, mapping by code
  • Retrieve a nested component with Criteria API

    Sometimes it may be necessary to retrieve a nested component type of a class. NHibernate does not provide any direct solution for this, and the most obvious aproach using a projection does not work. Using regular HQL it is possible to retrieve a component, but in more advanced situations it can be a...
    Posted to How to by John Davidson on 08-23-2011
    Filed under: Component, Criteria API, Mapping, Projections
  • .NET type generation for NHibernate mapping collections

    As our users might know, the Devart company has recently released a new version of Entity Developer that supports NHibernate that is intended to provide users with a powerful and convenient visual model designer for NHibernate . When writing templates for generating entity classes for NHibernate models...
    Posted to How to by Igor Ignatov on 08-09-2011
    Filed under: Mapping, Nhibernate, Nhibernate Documentation
  • Date/Time Support in NHibernate

    [This article was originally published on my personal blog here . I hereby grant myself permission to re-publish it on NHForge.org.] [Code for this article is available on GitHub here .] In this post, we’ll examine the ways that NHibernate supports the DateTime-related data types, including some new...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by James Kovacs on 01-26-2011
    Filed under: mapping, SQL Server 2008, Date, DateTimeOffset, DateTime2
  • Composite with only a Many-To-One = Bad Idea

    I can’t count with one hand, how many times I’ve seen this mapping in my few years of using nhibernate: < class name = " Profile " > < composite-id > < key-many-to-one name = " User " column = " UserId " class = " User " /> </ composite-id...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Jose Romaniello on 01-08-2011
    Filed under: mapping
  • NHibernate Mapping Attributes

    "NHibernate Mapping Attributes" provides an alternative way for mapping entities to database via .Net's Attributes. To submit issues please go to here
    Posted to NHibernate Mapping Attributes by Tuna Toksoz on 08-29-2008
    Filed under: nhibernate contrib, mapping
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