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  • NHibernate with Spring.NET

    A new Dynamic-Proxy provider is available in NHibernate trunk ( here the others two) Erich Eichinger (Spring.NET team member) sent us the implementation of NHibernate.ByteCode.Spring . The property to configure is < property name = " proxyfactory.factory_class " > NHibernate.ByteCode...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Fabio Maulo on 03-03-2009
    Filed under: proxy, ProxyGenerators, NHibernate, AOP, IoC
  • NH2.1.0: Bytecode providers

    This post is an update of “Reference to Castle removed” . In the trunk we had removed all dependency from any kind of “Proxy framework” trough various implementations of IProxyFactoryFactory . There is not a specific default Proxy-framework and now the set of proxyfactory.factory_class...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Fabio Maulo on 11-09-2008
    Filed under: proxy, NH2.1
  • Less than “Few” is GoF

    Some years ago a phrase broke my mind: “Program to an interface and not to an implementation” As you probably know the phrase is one of the famous Gang of Four . Is the phrase valid even for entities ? I definitive think that the answer is yes for various reason; from dyn-proxy, for lazy...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Fabio Maulo on 10-12-2008
    Filed under: proxy, Castle, NH2.1, Dynamic Entities, Tuplizers, AOP
  • NH2.1.0: Reference to Castle removed

    The NH trunk do no longer have dependency from Castle project; Castle.DynamicProxy2 are now only the default option. All dependency to Castle was moved to : NHibernate.ProxyGenerators.CastleDynamicProxy To continue working using lazy-loading, exactly as before, now you must deploy the default proxy generator...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Fabio Maulo on 10-11-2008
    Filed under: proxy, lazy loading, ProxyGenerators, NHibernate, Deploy, Castle, NH2.1
  • NHibernate ProxyGenerators 1.0.0 Beta Released

    I am pleased to announce the release of NHibernate ProxyGenerators 1.0.0 Beta.  This release uses NHibernate 2.0.1 GA, allows you to specify a dialect to use when generating proxies (thank you Jaroslav Martásek), and includes example usage with ActiveRecord.  Please visit NHForge.org for downloads...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Bill Pierce on 10-07-2008
    Filed under: proxy, lazy loading
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