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Learn about this lightweight framework for NHibernate offering smart session management for ASP.Net applications...


A wiki for topics that do not fit in the more specialized wikis

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Quick starts, tutorials, code snippets, custom user types, application blocks and more...

NHibernate 2.0

Read reference documentation for a number of NHibernate 2.0 APIs.

Patterns & Practices

Find articles regarding best practices with NHibernate.


Reference documentation for ProxyGenerators 1.0.


Learn about this NHibernate extension allowing you to easily handle geographic data in a standard way.

Success Stories

Learn about real world commercial success stories and case studies for NHibernate in the real world.


Reference documentation for the NHibernate.Validator APIs.

Changing Values in NHibernate Events

Abstract Audit trails using NHibernate's event model often use the OnPreInsert and OnPreUpdate event listeners...
Revision #12 Posted to How to by David Gardiner on 07-06-2012

NHibernate Documentation Structure Proposal

This is a proposal for a new structure of the NHibernate reference documentation. The goal is to discuss it and...
Revision #10 Posted to NHibernate 2.0 by abhishek644 on 02-08-2012

WCF + NHibernate: Entity Serialization

I found many examples online covering how to serialize NHibernate entities for use over a WCF channel, while still...
Revision #5 Posted to How to by awgneo on 01-28-2012
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Mapping tables

I'm new to NHibernate, So I'm not sure if I this is even the place to ask questions. But here goes. This...
Revision #1 Posted to How to by oceantrain on 11-23-2011

Creating a custom id generator for nHibernate

I originally blogged about this here and here on my blog but Fabio suggested I add these posts to the Forge, so...
Revision #11 Posted to How to by Steve Bohlen on 11-20-2011
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