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Commercial Product Ecosystem

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Commercial Product Ecosystem

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NHibernate has a commercial side as well as the Open Source Products available as add ons.

Agility for ORMs Castle ActiveRecord Model Code Generator http://www.AgilityForORMs.com/

CodeSmith   http://www.codesmithtools.com/

DB Visual Architect  http://www.visual-paradigm.com/product/dbva/

GenWise http://www.genwise.com/Tour.aspx

LLBLGen Pro  http://www.llblgen.com/defaultgeneric.aspx

NHProf  http://nhprof.com/

Visual NHibernate  http://www.slyce.com/

WebORB for .NET (WebORB-NHibernate Documentation) 

Windows Server AppFabric (formerly Velocity)  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsserver/ee695849.aspx

NCache (Nhibernate L2 Cache)   http://www.alachisoft.com/ncache/index.html

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By: Waqas Posted on 09-15-2011 4:02

i am using NCache as a Level 2 cache for ,y Nhibernate app and so far it is a great job for me. before going a head with NCache, I've evaluate quite a few L2 cache provider but finally chose NCache. one has to keep into mind that there are some free or open source options are also available, but NCache is particularly for those who are feature conscious not price conscious . strongly recommended !!!

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